It’s okay to be shit

December 19, 2013

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The best piece of web development advice I ever received wasn‘t at a conference, or found in the latest Smashing Book offering, it came from a former colleague, @fitzpas, when he told me “People just need to know it’s okay to be shit.”

Not properly shit, but shit when compared to the continuous stream of magnificence that is regurgitated down our Twitter feeds.

It’s as if there’s an inherent inferioty complex in the industry and we just look to the same people deities to give us validation.

Want to be less shit?

Then be shit.

Keep being shit.

But don’t wallow in being shit, embrace it, put your shit online.

Built a Sass mixin that helps you out a lot? Awesome.

Written some JavaScript that got you out of a pickle? Even better.

Finally made sense of HTML5 <article> and <section> tags? Incredible.

Share your shit. Let other like-minded shitters improve your shit. And you theirs.

Shitting back

I can’t count the amount of times I must’ve stumbled into an issue during builds only to be saved because another shit developer posted their shit online.

We’re constantly building, iterating, enhancing, fixing, debugging and committing. Why not take a little extra time and put some of that shit out there so others can use it, share it, discuss it, or even just shit on it?

I know I haven’t. It’s an open web which I have used and not given back to.

So what’s next for me?

Building this site.

As Web Developers we use a whole host of different tools and tech, and I intend to share my processes, choices, and shit, in the development of this here site.

And then I’ll fill it with more shit.

Good and bad. Because that’s how we get not… shit.

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